How to Play Roulette: Basics and Inside Betting

Are you new at playing roulette? Let's dive into the basics to find out how to play roulette. Truth is it's all pretty simple.

How many people can play on a roulette game? Up to around 8 can play but even one person, provided they make the minimum bet for the table stakes, can play roulette. All of them would be playing against the house. The croupier/dealer (the guy with the bow tie) would be handling your bets/wagers and also the payouts; that is when you get to win of course.

Let's look at the roulette wheel. You'd notice that some roulette wheels would have a '00' on them while others don't. The wheel that has a '00' on it is the American version while the one that has doesn't have it is a European or French wheel. Double zeros are placed to give the house a better advantage.

Players in roulette would then buy their chips. Usually each player ought to buy chips of a different color. That's just so you don't get your bets mixed up (and you don't get to lose any money when collecting your stash). At the end of a play or turn every time you win you get to exchange your colored chip for cash chips representing your payoff. Cash chips have a value amount printed on them in different denominations and in different colors (these chips are color coded so you'll get to know by the color which is a hundred, ten and so forth). At the end of the game you can take these chips (your winnings) to the cash desk and get them exchanged for real cash.

You will notice that the numbers on the roulette wheel may not be in any sequence at first glance. Usually two odd numbers on the wheel would alternate with two evens. You will also see that the red and black colors alternate. All these would be in the pockets. The zero and the double zero pockets in the roulette wheel will both be colored green.

At the opposite side of the roulette wheel would be a table with a layout of lines and boxes. You will see numbers corresponding to those on the wheel. Even numbers are colored black while odd numbers red. The numbers would be in rows of three, a total of 12. That having been said let's move on to how to play the game.

Next in the line of basics is inside betting. You may bet on any number on the table. You may also do a split bet, example would be to place your bet on a line in between 2 numbers (let's say the line between 11 and 14). You get to win if the ball lands on either number.

A street bet (a row of three numbers) - done by placing your bet at the end of a row. A corner bet would allow you to bet on 4 numbers. Just place your bet at an intersection where four numbers meet (e.g. the corner between 31, 32, 34, and 35). The five number bet can only be done at the upper left hand corner of the 1 box (betting on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3). A six number bet (line bet) is done by placing your bet at the end of two rows (on the line in between two rows).

These are the basics of how to play roulette. Rules of this game are pretty straightforward. There are some more rules but these would be enough to get you through your first roulette games.