Practical Betting Online: Table Stakes

In backgammon money play, the loser pays the victor a pre-agreed amount per point won at the end of a game. And with the doubling cube, the resultant no-limit nature of this bet intimidates most people from entering a money play online. So, in order to protect backgammon players from paying or not getting paid (yikes!), the table stakes system has been introduced to backgammon betting online.

Table stakes is a betting system where a limit is placed on the agreed amount to be won at the end of the game. Normally, that limit is set to the smaller amount that is brought in by the players. So, if you bring in $30 and your opponent brings in $15, the limit in table stakes is set to $15. It's also typical to see players agree to a lower limit than that.

So, how does the table stakes betting work? Let's say you enter a money play online with table stakes. The agreed amount per point is $3 and the limit is set to $15. In the course the game your opponent offers you an initial double and you accept. You decide to immediately redouble so you offer a beaver that your opponent also accepts. The current stake will then increase to $12 ($3 x 4 points = $12). As a result, whoever loses that game will have to pay the winner $12 which below the table stakes limit.

But what if the game ends in a gammon or double game? In no-limit backgammon, that would have equaled a current stake of $24 ($3 x 8 points = $24). But because of the table stakes, the loser would only have to pay the gammon winner the agreed maximum amount that is $15.

In so much as the winner would like to have won the $24 if the game ended in a gammon, without the table stakes there wouldn't be an assurance that the winnings will even be paid by the loser. Think of it this way, with table stakes the loser is protected from losing more money than what was put in and the winner is guaranteed that the winnings will be received.

If you're not into no-limit money play online, backgammon table stakes betting is a practical alternative. The winner is assured that the winnings will be paid and the loser is protected from losing more money than intended. While it sets the maximum win in a game, it actually establishes an even playing field and guaranteed betting online.