Roulette Betting Made Easy

You don't have to make things complicated especially in a really very simple game such as roulette. Betting in roulette is also as easy as the game. We've made a quick list of all the bets you can make in roulette and described each in simple lay man's terms.

To start with, there are two types of bets you can make in roulette. The first type is the inside bets and the other group is known as the outside bets. Why are they known as outside and inside bets? It has something to do with the layout on the roulette table. You'll notice that all the numbers are found only on one side of the table layout. All the bets made inside the grid of numbers are the inside bets and all the bets made outside of this grid are classified under the outside bets.

Betting is pretty simple too, all you have to do is place your chips on your selected bet and let the wheel spin. The complications come when you want to bet on more than one number using the same number of chips, which we will discuss below.

Let's start with roulette's inside bets. A straight bet is the simplest to understand since all you do is to place your chips on one number. If you want to bet on two numbers then make a split bet. Place your chips on the dividing line between two numbers. A street bet in roulette is simply betting on three numbers in a horizontal line. Just place your chips at the end of a row of three numbers.

Betting on four numbers in roulette requires a corner bet. Place your chips on a corner where four numbers meet (e.g. the corner in between 11, 12, 14, and 15). Betting on six numbers is done like doing a street bet but you instead place your chips on the dividing line between two streets.

Outside bets are easier to make in roulette. The even money bets are betting on either black or red (meaning you wager on the color of the number where the ball lands), high/low (betting on numbers 19 to 36 or one to 18 respectively), and odd or even (betting that the number the winning number is either odd or even). You'll also notice that the numbers on the layout are grouped into three. You can bet on any of these groups as well. You can also bet on which column will the winning number turn up, which means you're betting on 12 numbers.

One thing you'll notice is that the fewer numbers you wager on the lower are your chances of winning but the greater is the compensation. So single number roulette bets pay more but wins less frequently. These are your bets in roulette, which are really pretty easy.